My Trusty Photo Equipment w/ Links

That’s me in my natural habitat. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Shooting on an icy lake in Utah

I have always hated winter, until one evening when I witnessed magical ice stacking. I was mesmerized, I grew completely obsessed. Almost everyday for two months straight, I packed my gear and spent my evenings wading through icy water at a nearby lake in Utah. Something I never envisioned myself doing… It probably sounds crazy, but with enough preparation, it was totally painless. In the photo above, I had my camera, backpack with gear inside, my big ol’ winter coat, gloves, wool socks and lifesaving 100% waterproof rain boots. When out in the water, I would turn around and look back at the people on shore and I actually felt kind of bad for them. They didn’t get to see what I saw. And while I was busy feeling bad for them, I’m sure they saw me out in the lake and questioned my sanity. I captured and experienced real beauty last winter. That’s honestly something I never thought was possible to see, let alone capture. But there is was, the impossible.

Utah Lake, 2016

If wading through icy cold water for hours at a time taught me anything, it’s to be prepared. To over prepare, actually. Every photographer should be prepared at any moment, for anything. So what do equipment do I use or recommend? What’s in my camera bag right now?

In my bag:

Canon 6D, Cokin Filters, extra memory cards, extra battery, extra battery charger, Canon 70-300mm zoom lens, Canon 17-40mm wide angle lens, Canon 50mm lens, Freehands Gloves, Manfrotto Befree tripod, lens wipes, hand warmers, OP/TECH USA rain sleeves, Giottos Rocket Air Blower, lens cleaning spray, Canon Remote Controller, portable charger, usb chord, hair ties and chap stick.

My Equipment
More Equipment


What camera bags do I use? Below are personal reviews of the two camera bags that I take everywhere.


BAGSMART Compact Camera Shoulder Bag

One thing about this bag – it’s awesome. It’s got plenty of space for a camera body and two lenses. It comes with a waterproof rain cover, and has tons of little pockets to keep organized. It’s the perfect little shoulder camera bag. I wanted something waterproof that I could easily pack around Rome, and this did me no wrong. I highly recommend this little shoulder bag.

Bagsmart Shoulder Camera Bag


Manfrotto Advanced Active Camera Backpack 

This design is GENIUS. It’s perfect in every way and was made by the hands of angels. Seriously, if you’re in the market for a camera backpack, look no further. I’ve never been happier with an equipment purchase. I take this thing everywhere. It’s the perfect camera backpack for hiking, traveling and day trips. It has a waterproof rain cover, space for a laptop, an attachment for a tripod, super comfortable straps, a front buckle for support, lots of space for the camera, lenses and more. During travel, this is the carry-on that goes under the seat. Even with all of my photo equipment in there, theres still room for snacks, drinks, books, etc. I’d be a mess without this bag.

Manfrotto Camera Backpack


Alrighty, that’s it! To keep things simple, I don’t use anything that I don’t like. So everything listed above is recommended and tested by me. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!


3 thoughts on “My Trusty Photo Equipment w/ Links

  1. I see you use a 6D.I bought one 2 years ago. It lasted 13 months.I sent it in & Canon told me it had water damage! I know my camera never had a drop touch it & couldn’t figure out what had happened?
    I now believe the weather seals on the 6D are not up to snuff.All my 5D’s have worked just fine. I live beside the Pacific ocean & so go out on my shoots in my boat. A layer of moisture is always sitting just above the waters surface. That moisture over the curse of time must of gotten through the weather seals. Basically it was condensation. I only shoot on sunny days & never in rain,so I know the body never got a drop of water on it.
    As far as Winter goes,I miss the snow.Tofino gets very little.I’ve gone on many solo winter camping trips & learned that there is no such thing as bad weather,only bad clothing.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!

      That’s such a bummer about your 6D! I worry about water/condensation too to having just moved to Oregon. I know I’ll really miss the Utah snow this winter

      Tofino looks lovely! I imagine it’s pretty similar to the Oregon Coast.


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