Fisher Towers, UT.

Fisher Towers1228_39
Fisher Towers, UT. Photo: Shallise Kate

Fisher Towers is my absolute favorite place when visiting Moab. It’s a popular rock climbing destination but other than that, it’s pretty low key. Fisher Towers is about 45 minutes outside of Moab. And the drive is 45 minutes of heaven. It’s my favorite road to drive on; still to this day. The road you take to get there follows the Colorado River, has ginormous red rock walls on both sides until it opens up into Castle Valley. The final turnoff to get to here can be tricky and easy to miss, so make sure you’re paying very close attention.


  • This place glows red during sunset, so make sure to be there for that if possible.
  • If hiking in winter or early spring, please reconsider for your own safety. The trail ices over and makes for some scary cliffside falls. Trust me, I experienced quite the scare once. Unless you have the right gear and experience steer clear of the hike.
  • The best time of year to visit is in autumn to avoid the heat and crowds (not that it get too crowded anyway).
  • If visiting in summer, temps can soar above 100 degrees! So pack lots of water and sunscreen.
  • The Castle Creek Winery is also in the area, so if you like wine, check it out! This winery overlooks the Colorado River, very scenic!
  • If you’re looking for hotel accommodations in this area, the Castle Valley Inn will treat you right!


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