Canyonlands National Park

Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park Photo: Shallise Kate

These views are mind blowing. You may never feel this small again, you may never see views as stunning again. I’m not kidding. This place never ceases to amaze; it’s timeless. There’s only so much I can say before I start sounding repetitive. It’s an incredible place. Visiting here always restores balance in my life.


  • Visit during autumn or spring to avoid heat and major crowds.
  • If visiting during summer time, it can get HOT! Like over 100 degrees. Be sure to pack lots of water and sun screen!
  • Grab an early breakfast from Jailhouse Cafe or a breakfast burrito from Gilibertos!
  • If visiting during summer months, head out extra early for sunrise, spend 12pm-3pm indoors and spend the evening exploring and enjoying an amazing sunset.
  • Spend sunrise at Mesa Arch. It’s very possible that you’ll be surrounded by landscape photographers, but you’ll never see a sunrise so divine. Remember to be courteous to the photographers!
  • Spend sunset at the Green River Overlook. The Green River Overlook is positioned perfectly for watching the sunset, but it’s also not as busy as the Grandview Point Overlook.

Below are photos that were taken by me, Shallise Kate:

3 thoughts on “Canyonlands National Park

      1. I’m considering doing a tour of western USA … I know in like the next two years I want to see some wild mustangs and then I want to include other stops around that! 🙂 Moab has been on the list for a while! 🙂 so that might nice with this trip 🙂

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