Arches National Park

Turret Arch, Arches National Park, Moab Photo: Shallise Kate

Arches National Park, I remember the first day I saw you. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the bright red arches, those giant sandstone formations, that view of the La Sal Mountain Range, the Windows District, or the sight of untouched; wind blown sand. To this day, the immense wonder remains.


  • I recommend visiting in autumn or spring. Visiting in autumn or spring help avoid the heat and the large crowds.
  • If visiting in summer, it can get to be over 100 degrees, so take lots of water and sun screen. During summer I also recommend venturing out super early in the morning, spending noon indoors and venturing back out in the evening.
  • Grab an early breakfast at Jailhouse Cafe or a breakfast burrito from Gilibertos!
  • I recommend sunrise at Turret Arch in the Windows District. It’s pure magic! Now, the only thing about this location at sunrise is, there are normally a good handful of landscape photographers around. So try to be mindful of them by not walking into all their shots.
  • I recommend sunset at either Skyline Arch or Balanced Rock. Delicate Arch may be lovely too, but it’s quite the hike and there’s normally a huge crowd of people up there.
  • My favorite album to listen to while driving around here is Conor Oberst’s Self Titled album. I mean, theres a song called, “Moab” on there. ❤


Below are photos taken by me, Shallise Kate:

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