5 Best Restaurants in Moab, UT. 2017


Turret Arch in Arches National Park, 2015. Photo: Shallise Harper

Heading to Moab? Consider yourself lucky, very lucky. Gorgeous scenery & great food. I’ve spent a lot of time in Moab over the years, and hope to return soon. It’s unique and beautiful scenery deserves the majority of your time, not searching and waiting in ridiculous lines for food… When in Moab, I plan my entire day around nature. Best way to do Moab is to eat a giant breakfast and then spend the day burning it off. I always pack granola or protein bars just incase. But normally I can go the whole afternoon without even thinking about food. Below I’ve listed a few of my personal favorite places to grab food while in Moab.


1.) Eklecticafe

Perfect place for breakfast before a long day of exploring. You definitely won’t leave feeling hungry. My recommendations? Huevos Rancheros or Biscuits and Gravy. I also really love their house coffee. I crave their breakfasts constantly.

2.) Jailhouse Cafe

Bacon. They serve the best bacon ever. Last time I went there, I ordered 2 additional sides of bacon along with my meal and I ate every last piece. I have no shame. I highly recommend the Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries or the Original Jailhouse Scramble and Bacon of course! Jailhouse is purely a breakfast joint. Only open until noon.

3.) Paradox Pizza

Deliciously divine pizza. Vegan and vegetarian options available! ❤ I highly recommend the Caprese Pizza. They offer delivery! I have nothing more to say. *Mic drop*.

4.) Gilibertos Mexican Taco Shop

Not only does this hit the spot, it’s open 24/7. Perfect option for those late night cravings or those extremely early mornings. Consistently good. My favorite?? Nachos + guacamole or breakfast burritos.

5.) Moab Coffee Roasters

Not exactly a restaurant, but they deserve mention. Not only do they have wonderful coffee, but they have really yummy gelato (perfect for those scorchers). When you order an iced coffee here, they serve it with coffee ice cubes (that’s some next level shit). I should also mention that they do serve smoothies, Italian sodas, pastries and other snacks. Also, Free Wifi.

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