Colosseum Night Tour


Moments before this ghostly photo was taken, I was exploring the inside of that building. The Colosseum. A place known for bloodshed, slavery and even Roman battle reenactments. You may wonder why anyone would attend the kind of violent events that were held here. Not only was it a completely different time all together.. But as our tour guide explained, it was a time of extreme famine in Rome. It was a place where the people of ancient Rome went to forget about their sorrows. The Colosseum was built by the rich as a way to keep control of the people. When Romans attended events at the arena which were free to attend, they were also given free bread. In a time where food may have been hard to come by, I too may have attended. On this tour we were taken to the lower level as well; which I’m told is a rare event. We were shown one of the ancient elevators that were used to lift wild animals such as lions, tigers and bears into the middle of the arena to face death. Fascinatingly intense stuff!

Below are photos from the tour:

Photos by: Shallise Kate

If you’re still wondering if the tour is worth the money.. It is. Especially if your like me and dislike crowds, heat and long lines. Our tour was through Italy With Us. They were all wonderful people to deal with and I highly recommend using their services. Quality tour guides.

For more photos of Rome at night, check out my other post here.

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