First Blog Post

Embark and Remain is made up of Shallise Kate (me!) and my husband, Christopher Aaron. It all started in 2011 when we met. He briefly counted my UNO cards for me once at a party. Swoon. I found him on Facebook and the rest is history!

Our first real hang out, he picked me up (like a perfect gentleman) and we road-tripped to Moab. We pitched a tent and before I fell asleep that night, I asked Chris not to murder me in my sleep. Good news everybody! He didn’t. 🙂 We talked, we explored, ate awesome food, listened to Conor Oberst, and at times sat in silence taking it all in. When we arrived home from Moab, we immediately started planning our next road-trip.

We decided to drive from Utah to San Francisco, and from San Francisco all the way up the California Coast. When we arrived at our hotel, my jaw dropped. The place was absolutely stunning. It was an old tall building in the hills of San Francisco, it had that grand and ornate victorian feel. I realized that Chris must’ve spent a fortune on this hotel for our stay.. When I asked him about it, he said he got a really good deal using Priceline Negotiator. I mean, this wasn’t your average Holiday Inn, it was totally and uniquely gorgeous, clean, and in the perfect location. This trip, we stayed in a hotel that was way too fancy for us, ate amazingly fresh sea food, saw that iconic red bridge, ate amazing pizza, burned it all off walking those hills, saw billions of sea lions, went to that cool prison on that island (you know, alcatraz), we did so much in San Francisco that my feet ended up killing me. As we moved up the coast, we camped at incredible places. Chris was also relentless in finding incredible places to camp. I’ll never forget the black sanded beach campground, or the campground in the Redwood Forest where we made S’mores and stared way to long at banana slugs. Chris was legitimately talented at finding incredible places on budget. We found the most darling coastal town called Fort Bragg, and I’ll never forget a meal I had while there; a place called Eggheads (Wizard of Oz themed). They’ll make you a damn fine breakfast. I do have advice for those looking to visit the Crescent City Lighthouse: go earlier in the day so as not to deal with rising tides that occur later in the day.  We had an unbelievably great time and moped the whole way back to Utah.

We were soon engaged and married. Our honeymoon was short and sweet, nothing extravagent, so we could save up for something special. For our belated honeymoon, we road-tripped to Las Vegas, San Diego, Anza Borrego, Salton Sea, and the Mohave Desert. On this trip I experienced Vegas for the first time, fulfilled my dream of experiencing Salvation Mountain, walked on boardwalks, found my favorite beach town (still to this day Ocean Beach San Diego), ate/drank like royalty and saw some of the most beautiful desert scenery ever.

Since day one we have travelled together. It’s what we do best. We’ve gone on countless adventures, fulfilled lifelong dreams together, endured many awkward small talky Uber rides, eaten some of the best food on earth, survived many long flights and unglamorous layovers, explored ancient crypts and cathedrals, etc.

We’ve seen a lot, and we plan to see a whole lot more. Traveling is what we love, and we think we do it pretty well.



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